Stark Foundation Tower

Eddy GT Roof Mount
1752 Marilyn Drive
Montgomery, IL 60538

Renewable Energy for North and Latin America's

Sullivan Energy Group is the exclusive UGE authorized distributor and installer of Urban Green Energy vertical axis wind turbines, solar panels, and installer of Stark Foundations in North and Latin America. UGE turbines are an innovative green technology that is a cost effective, sustainable, and attractive way to power your home, business, school, church, park district, golf course, or amusement park.

Finally, you can free yourself from the rising cost of electricity and help keep our skies beautiful.

Our UGE wind turbines have many advantages over traditional windmills.

✓ They are not affected by the direction of the wind. Even in turbulent or fast changing wind our vertical axis wind turbines still preform very well.
✓ They can easily harvest wind that flows around buildings or other obstacles.
✓ They are ideal for both urban and rural environments. They can be mounted on a roof or be installed separately.
✓ Even under high wind speeds, they are
quieter than a human whisper.
✓ They are easy to install and maintain.
✓ They look beautiful too.

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